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Spreading PyMT toolkit

I’ve been some week without blogging, but lot of things happened ! Finally, i’ve been able to see Thomas in IRL at Google Mentor Summit in San Francisco. It was an awesome week-end, funny, creative and geeky ! Lot of ideas, and goal : making PyMT more stable and well designed : the roadmap of PyMT 0.4 is finally available. We’ve also done a little session too at summit.

Thomas is now 3 days to ITS 2009 in Banff Canada, for a conference about PyMT. The paper will be available for everyone soon 🙂 And this week-end, i’m going to Edinburgh with Lucie to meet Mark, and see the awesome new multitouch room of Napier University. Sharath is also going next week to a FOSS in India to spread PyMT too 🙂

Theses days are really cool 🙂