Successor of PyMT, Kivy is a crossplatform Python framework for creating multitouch interfaces. It’s built over OpenGL ES 2, works on Android/iOS/Windows/Linux/OSX.


Toolchain for compile Python and various extensions for Android/ARM. Give a nice script to package your Python application source code into an APK, ready to install.


A modular open vision daemon, focused to detect touches, objects, and send TUIO.

And many more

  • Kivy Berkelium – Kivy extension to provide a Berkelium widget (Web Browser based on Chromium)
  • Audiostream – Python extension to stream Raw audio to speakers, from a Python callback, or from libPD.
  • Cymunk – Cython port of PyMunk, to remove ctype dependency, and be able to use it on Android
  • P4A Cloud Builder – Master/slave architecture to provide build APK remotely. Used for
  • Check my Github account for a full list.

One thought on “Projects

  1. Renjith Thankachan

    HI,,Me Was Just Googling Around and Found this

    ✓ Tito (Mathieu Virbel): Porting Kivy using QT 5 as a backend for RaspberryPi and make appropriate changes to boost it under that platform. I’m one of the core developer of Kivy project ([]). My website: []

    Are you still Working on it.. symbian version for kivy ?? it’ll be help ful

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