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Over my journey, i made and contributed to many open source projects which are mostly on my Github page.
But life can be full of surprises. I’ll present some which i have a deep relation to it.

Kivy (

This project may be the best accomplishment which i am the most proud of. It is a Python UI framework that have been started under the name of PyMT with Thomas Hansen.

After 2 years, we started rewriting the code to support new multitouch paradigm, support mobile platform, and made a language called KV for building dynamic UI in Python.

It was followed by the creation of many sisters projects that i started:

  • PyJNIUS to call Java function from Python
  • Python for android for compiling and packaging a Python application for Android x86 and ARM
  • PyOBJUS to call Objective C from Python
  • Kivy-IOS for compiling and packaging a Python application as an iOS
  • Buildozer for automating application building on Android and iOS
  • And many more

With Kivy, i have been able to bootstrap my professional life, and do a lot of applications for museums, private companies… While i am no longer driving it, the awesome community is keeping everything alive. Many kuddos to them !


Movid was Modular Open Vision Interaction Daemon.
It started as a need to detect touch and object on various configuration, mainly related to live music. All C++, node are created and linked live, and each node could have its execution off in its own thread.
I got a lot of fun writing it, and playing with OpenCV.

But after a while, i wanted to display stuff on my multitouch screen… and ended up joining PyMT / Kivy.

And many more

  • Kivy Berkelium – Kivy extension to provide a Berkelium widget (Web Browser based on Chromium)
  • Audiostream – Python extension to stream Raw audio to speakers, from a Python callback, or from libPD.
  • Cymunk – Cython port of PyMunk, to remove ctype dependency, and be able to use it on Android
  • P4A Cloud Builder – Master/slave architecture to provide build APK remotely. Used for – become for a moment but never did the pricing part.
  • Check my Github account for a full list.