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Movid, a Modular Open Vision Interaction Daemon

Hi everyone,

We are glad to announce the birth of the Movid project:

Movid is an acronym; it stands for ‘Modular Open Vision Interaction Daemon’. It’s a cross-platform and Open Source vision tracker, designed to be as modular as possible. Although the project is pretty young, it already features more than 20 modules, including blob and fiducial trackers as well as TUIO output. Movid is coded in C++, and use WOscLIB, cJSON, libevent, libfidtrack, jpeg-8 and XgetOpt.

Movid has several key characteristics:

  • Cross-platform: It works under Windows, Linux and MacOSX.
  • Daemon: You can run the program without a GUI and control it from another computer over the network.
  • Threading: Each module can be run inside a thread. This means that you can finally fully utilize your multi-core processor!
  • Remote API: The daemon can be controlled with a JSON API. This also means that you can write your own GUI, e.g. in Flash, and the daemon can be controlled from any application that can make http requests!
  • Full HTML5 embedded administration: By default, the daemon acts as a HTTP server. You can control and modify the tracking pipeline in real-time and adjust many parameters.
  • Image streaming: Most modules process images. For your application or GUI, you can get the output image via a stream. So your applications can show any image from the piepline or use it for advanced features
  • Flexible pipeline: Unlike other applications, Movid allows you to fine-tune your image processing pipeline if you are an expert. You can create new pipelines, add modules/filters and change their parameters in real time.

However, Movid is not ready for users yet, since we are missing a few modules, like calibration. Right now, we are searching developers to support us with the further development.

The core team currently consists of:

  • Christopher Denter
  • Mathieu Virbel
  • Seth Sandlers
  • Thomas Hansen

Introduction to Movid

Movid – A young crossplatform modular tracker for fiducial, touch