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FITG 2010 finished, debriefing.

Another awesome event, organized by Damien Marchal and Nicolas Roussel. And for the first time, the PyMT Core team was in the same place. Thanks to all my friends in Lille for coming during the show, it was really nice to see you too !

We’ve done one conference, using the “presemt” application. For all who wanted to use our presentation application, you can get it on PyMT Apps repository. The slides will be available in PDF soon. A lot of peoples was interested, and impressed by PyMT itself. I’ve been very glad to meet some PyMT users, specially Jay !

On the barcamp, we’ve animated 3 sessions:

  1. Write your first PyMT Application (mathieu)
  2. Make a game with PyMT + PyMunk (christopher + thomas)
  3. Advanced OpenGL optimization + Python optimization

(Content will be available soon)

During the event, some work have been done :

  • finish blobtracker in Movid
  • ability to record / save PyMT events (event-recording branch)
  • ability to share event over network (event-share branch)
  • using PyMT + Ogre 3D with Anthony Martinet

And we’ve think a lot about the future of PyMT, and where we want to go for 1.0. More information soon 🙂

Also, a intern in the MINT team is actually researched to work on a project with PyMT. If any people is interested, don’t hesitate to send our CV to Nicolas.

It look like the future of PyMT is very good, and it’s just a start….