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PyMT/Movid @FITG2010

That’s going to be a very nice event, again. A big UP to ircica team which have work with PyMT nearly from the start, and special thank to Damien Marechal for his contribution !

Now, they are doing a event on 3 days… and they are more.

Thomas Hansen and Christopher Denter from PyMT/Movid will be here ! For the very first time, our core team will be at the same place, IRL. That’s will change a lot from IRC 🙂

Be ready for our workshop, we are scheduled in Friday, 13h30, for 15 minutes + 5 minutes for discussion.
We have some ideas about how we can be really wonderful during only 15 little minutes 🙂

I’ll animate a session around coding with PyMT in Saturday. If you want to join, be ready with your laptop. It would be better if you already have PyMT installed.

For more information, you can read the FITG2010 website !