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PyMT 0.5 out, what’s next ?

One week ago, we’ve released PyMT 0.5 (release notes). I’m very glad to see this release. We’ve working so much to make it stable, and we’ll continue.

The good part of this release is the availability on next Ubuntu Maverick. If you don’t know, Ubuntu Maverick will be multitouch. Before making the announcement public, we’ve joined the HCI group, and they have done documentation about Multitouch in Ubuntu, and PyMT in Ubuntu.
That’s a very good news, and i hope that we’ll be able to enhance our collaboration with Ubuntu, and share experience.

So, what’s next ?

Since people are asking always that “we should do a roadmap”, PyMT Roadmap is updated.
Next version will be the PyMT 0.5.1, and release is scheduled for the 6 September. This will include another set of fixes, found during the 0.5 release. And this will be the version shipped on next Ubuntu too. Auto detection of MT Hardware, fixes text rendering outside of the text input, gstreamer appsink missing, more unit test…

Starting September, the “PyMT Week Report” will back. Since the community is growing, it will be a good thing to know what’s new on the toolkit every weeks, and explain if we are hitting trouble, or if all the developments is ok 🙂

Then… I’ve lot of idea on my mind, and will focus on :

  • Spatialization: be able to handle 1 millions of widgets, added on an infinite plane.
  • Graphics: finish and use graphics library (new from 0.5) for all of our widgets.
  • App subsystem: replace the old MTPlugin with a new Application subsystem, that permit the use to browse and launch any PyMT application available on his system
  • Enhance CSS writing (less or sass-lang)

Then in november, i’ll try to port PyMT on Javascript… using Pyjamas and HTML5.

PyMT is really going to be… awesome !