Joojoo and multitouch on Ubuntu 10.10

Hi everyone,

Some people are asking how to make multitouch working on joojoo. It’s now possible, starting from Ubuntu 10.10 + some manipulations.

Utouch ppa

The working drivers for joojoo wasn’t finished and ready for ubuntu 10.10 release. However, the driver is available from the utouch-team ppa. So add the ppa :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:utouch-team/utouch
sudo apt-get update

And then, install the driver :

sudo apt-get install hid-egalax-dkms

The drivers should compile in live, and will be available in the next reboot. But don’t reboot now, we have more things to do.
But i got some troubles with default drivers, the dkms one don’t load if the old driver still exist.
So, ensure you have no other drivers in your /lib/modules :

$ sudo rm /lib/modules/2.6.35/kernel/drivers/hid/hid-egalax.ko
$ sudo depmod -a

udev rules

The joojoo screen have never the same /dev/input/eventX, and change from time to time. And it’s not readable by users.
We will create an udev rule to change permission, and symlink the /dev/input/eventX to /dev/input/event-joojoo

$ sudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/80-joojoo.rules

And put this content in the file :

SUBSYSTEM=="input", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0eef", ATTRS{idProduct}=="720c", MODE="0644", SYMLINK="input/event-joojoo"


You should have your screen correctly working with one finger.


If you want to test multitouch, you can test PyMT :

$ sudo apt-get install python-pymt

Launch pymt one time, and hit escape :

$ python -m

Edit the configuration file ~/.pymt/config and add in [input] section :

joojoo = mtdev,/dev/input/event-joojoo
# And comment tuio and mouse input
# mouse = mouse
# default = tuio,

Then, you can test rapid demo or full desktop :

# rapid demo
$ python -m -a

# full desktop
$ python /usr/share/pymt-examples/desktop/ -a

Using pymt-dev version

If you are using pymt-dev version from github, they are new features to make joojoo experience more fun :

Disable mouse on activity

If you still want to use the mouse, but not the mouse when the touchscreen is used, you may want this feature. It will automaticly disable the mouse when touchscreen is used. Just change your [input] section to :

mouse = mouse,disable_on_activity

Sleeping when no activity detected

This is highly experimental: sleep module. If you will not touch the screen from a moment, the sleep module will introduce a sleep() call inside the main loop, in order to reduce the framerate. The sleep ramp and time can be configured. Check the sleep module documentation.

To activate it, put in ~/.pymt/config :

sleep =


That’s all. The Xorg is missing right now, it will be added soon 🙂

10 thoughts on “Joojoo and multitouch on Ubuntu 10.10

  1. HI!
    My JooJoo will arrive end of next week…
    So I have some questions about your tutorial or whatever it is 😉

    1. how could I define multitouch gestures?

    2. You probably know “freewins” … do you know how to get the patched version including input-redirection? There are old videos (2008) on youtube showing it working but without explanation…
    (I think it would be really cool to turn windows in a more convenient angle for drawing or reading…)

    3. Did you get the accelerometer to work? I didnt find anything on the JooJoo Forum but already found how to rotate Screen Input (tested on MacBook with LiveCD)

    Anyway: THANK YOU!


  2. Christian

    Hi Mathieu,
    I’m forced to use Ubuntu 10.04 because of my Intel 6300agn Wifi card. The backports driver in 10.10 are buggy.

    I tried:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:utouch-team/utouch
    sudo apt-get update

    sudo apt-get install hid-egalax-dkms

    on Ubuntu 10.04 and get the following output. Can you help me, please?
    Thanks, Christian

    jo@joojoo:~$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:utouch-team/utouch
    Executing: gpg –ignore-time-conflict –no-options –no-default-keyring –secret-keyring /etc/apt/secring.gpg –trustdb-name /etc/apt/trustdb.gpg –keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg –primary-keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg –keyserver –recv 2653FE26F7F3644AF8A767957B91B0E8DB093315
    gpg: Schlüssel DB093315 von hkp Server anfordern
    gpg: Schlüssel DB093315: “Launchpad utouch” nicht geändert
    gpg: Anzahl insgesamt bearbeiteter Schlüssel: 1
    gpg: unverändert: 1
    jo@joojoo:~$ sudo apt-get update
    OK lucid-security Release.gpg
    Ign lucid-security/main Translation-de
    Ign lucid Release.gpg
    Ign lucid/main Translation-de
    OK lucid Release.gpg
    OK lucid/main Translation-de
    OK lucid/restricted Translation-de
    Ign lucid-security/restricted Translation-de
    Ign lucid-security/universe Translation-de
    Ign lucid-security/multiverse Translation-de
    OK lucid-security Release
    Ign lucid Release
    OK lucid/universe Translation-de
    OK lucid/multiverse Translation-de
    OK lucid-updates Release.gpg
    Ign lucid-updates/main Translation-de
    Ign lucid-updates/restricted Translation-de
    Ign lucid-updates/universe Translation-de
    Ign lucid-updates/multiverse Translation-de
    OK lucid Release
    Ign lucid/main Packages
    OK lucid-updates Release
    OK lucid-security/main Packages
    Ign lucid/main Packages
    OK lucid/main Packages
    OK lucid/restricted Packages
    OK lucid/main Sources
    OK lucid/restricted Sources
    OK lucid/universe Packages
    OK lucid-security/restricted Packages
    OK lucid-security/main Sources
    OK lucid-security/restricted Sources
    OK lucid-security/universe Packages
    OK lucid-security/universe Sources
    Fehl lucid/main Packages
    404 Not Found
    OK lucid/universe Sources
    OK lucid/multiverse Packages
    OK lucid/multiverse Sources
    OK lucid-security/multiverse Packages
    OK lucid-security/multiverse Sources
    OK lucid-updates/main Packages
    OK lucid-updates/restricted Packages
    OK lucid-updates/main Sources
    OK lucid-updates/restricted Sources
    OK lucid-updates/universe Packages
    OK lucid-updates/universe Sources
    OK lucid-updates/multiverse Packages
    OK lucid-updates/multiverse Sources
    W: Fehlschlag beim Holen von 404 Not Found
    E: Einige Indexdateien konnten nicht heruntergeladen werden, sie wurden ignoriert oder alte an ihrer Stelle benutzt.

    jo@joojoo:~$ sudo apt-get install hid-egalax-dkms
    Paketlisten werden gelesen… Fertig
    Abhängigkeitsbaum wird aufgebaut
    Status-Informationen einlesen… Fertig
    E: Paket hid-egalax-dkms konnte nicht gefunden werden

  3. scar

    after following the “Utouch ppa” and “udev rules” sections, and rebooting, my touch screen is working. However, i cannot move the pointer past the bottom 2 inches of the screen. it seems to think the end of the screen is here and so i cannot do anything with the pointer in the bottom 2 inches of the screen.

  4. scar

    well, after my last comment, i tried uninstalling hid-egalax-dkms and tried out some other methods (like usbquirks in grub settings) without any luck. then, kernel update came out, 2.6.35-23, so i tried again installing hid-egalax-dkms and removing the file in /lib/modules and….. everything is working great!! i can move the pointer all over the screen, all the way to bottom, top, left, and right sides… working perfectly. i have onboard turned on… the joojoo is nearly 100% functional. only thing i am lacking right now is ability to right-click. anyone know how? thanks Mathieu and utouch-team, excellent work!

  5. for me the touchscreen gets some strange behavour after some time of use (reboot fixes).
    first it starts with the mouse “jumping” around the location where I touch and then it stops working in some parts of the screen completely…
    I am VERY sure it is not a hardware problem since a reboot always fixes the problem…

    Any help is welcome!

    PS how could I install the original OS (I am getting a second ssd…)
    PPS could the original OS after updating technical stop me from getting into the bios? just dont want to loose the other Ubuntu 😉

  6. Coldfront

    I followed this and my touchscreen stops responding after i own a new windows then starts working again after 3secs any idea why?

  7. tito

    My touchscreen stops responding sometimes too, but only sometimes. I always reboot when it’s happen. It’s not coming from the driver, and lot of peoples have this issue (look at thejoojooforum) :/

  8. leif

    Noob here… I’ve attempted to follow these instructions, but cannot seem to get any feedback from the pointer. The background is that I am using the stock 2.6.35-25 (generic) kernel, and when I run xinput list I see four e-galax touchscreen devices (labled 11-14). Do you have any recommendations as to what kernel to use? I’ve looked online, and there does appear to be an issue with the older kernels not recognizing the multitouch nature of the touchscreen. I should add that when I run pymt it does not appear to do anything (I get a blank screen and just a single point pointer). I have intermittently had single touch working, but that’s it. I have (moved) the hid-egalax.ko file from /lib/modules/…/hid as per your other post, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

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