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PyMT used in Fourvière Museum

Last week, the Museotouch project have been inaugurated in the Fourvière Museum. The project have been done by many actors including Erasme and Mucho-Media.

One part of this project is a multitouch application to explore museum content. You can select the origin, the period/era, and you have museum content display on the table. Then you can select each of them to have more information.
As an user, you have another way to communicate with the application : when you come into that museum, they give you an badge with rfid inside. Walk in the museum, use your badge to “save” the object and then, put your badge on the table to explore what you have selected.
You can read the Erasme Museotouch page for more information, and see the Museotouch photos.

[vimeo clip_id=17859244]

This application has been developed by Nadège Bourguignon 🙂