Kivy on Android, part 2

Hi guys,

Look like people are following my blog and waiting for android version of Kivy.
We have a launcher that you can already use. Check the :

Maybe during the next release, or a little bit after, i’ll release a software to create an Android package of a Kivy application. The code is already on launchpad, but it’s still a work in progress. As soon as i have finished, i’ll publish it on kivy-dev mailing list. If you didn’t subscribe yet, do it now ! 🙂

More to come by the end of that week… !

One thought on “Kivy on Android, part 2

  1. Robert Tran

    Hello Mathieu,

    I am just a beginner with MT. After read the NUI forum and look at a all framework, finally I decide to choose Kivy as main framework to develope my apps. However, the tutorial document on the web and the examples in the downloaded directory have very few information for me to start. I see a PDF document on the web, but I can not download it. Please help me. I need some more tutorial and trainning on Kivy.

    Thanks very much,

    P.S. Great to see that Kivy run successfully on Android. I can’t wait to try it out!

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