Using microphone peak as input

I’m currently on a project that involve disabled peoples, audio and kinect. Theses boys and girls are doing lot of loud sounds, so the idea is to use their sound as a trigger. We can use gstreamer to make that work quite easily, cause it have everything we need: a audio source, and level calculator.

The output could be something like this :

Next, we can use that information to record their sound, and use it on some scenario. So, instead of use the fakesink, we can use appsink. This module allow you to read the buffer pushed by the previous module. So we can put theses buffers into a list, and use them when needed 🙂

The state machine will handle the 3 phases :

  1. Wait for a peak > -30db
  2. Recording the sound, stop when the peak is < -32db
  3. Replay the last sound

Note: The -30 / -32 are taken from my tests. If you have more noise, you need to adjust theses triggers.

And here is the final example:

Usage: Just make a sound… and it will replay just after.

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