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Kivy programming contest #1 is over!

During January, we hosted a contest for promoting the Kivy framework. The goal was simple: create a game using Kivy, without external non-pure python dependencies. All the entries have been submitted on our sponsor Github (and thanks to NotionInk), under a compatible OSS licence. The contest registered 21 entries, and 11 submissions was valid.

Our winners are:

  1. Deflectouch, from Cyril Stoller
  2. FishLife, from Zogg
  3. memoryKivy, from Niavlys
  4. Centripetal, from Dilon Cower
  5. Flingy, from Andy Wilson

In term of numbers, everything is growing:

  • 19919 unique visitors for the website (vs 9772 in December)
  • +56 subscribers on the mailing list (192 in total)
  • 229 messages on kivy-users (vs 94 in December)
  • 23 pull requests (vs 6 in December)

That was a great event so far, with a perfect timing: Kivy have now 1 year old! (first release was 1st February 2011).