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Kivy 1.7.0 is out

If you missed it, Kivy 1.7.0 is out last Monday. It’s quite a big release that include some big fixes we did during the :

  • Android Emulator is now supported
  • ScrollView has been re-factored with new physics calculations. To be exact, the scrollview doesn’t calculate anything now, it just pass the touch position to an Scroll effect. This class calculate the movement’s velocity, and the over-scroll’s distance (means how far you scrolled out of the bounds). Then, we implemented 2 visual effects that use the over-scroll to make the scrollview act as a Damped spring, and/or to fade out the scrollview if you over-scroll too much.
  • Garden: a separated organization for centralize user’s widgets and addons. You can create garden packages very easily, and import it in the source code with just ““. Few garden packages are already available!
  • And more, Check the announcement 🙂