PyMT/Movid @THSP

THSP is a Festival in Toulouse, with lot of events and hackers, from the 28 to the 30 May.

Saturday, i’ll do a talk/introduction about PyMT and Movid. Jimi is doing a workshop during the whole event, to build another Wall, and some other Multitouch Table. It will be a nice playground for both software! Thanks to Marc Bruyere and Jimi Hertz for giving me the possibility to talk here 🙂

Read more about the event with the THSP Program May 2010.

Movid, a Modular Open Vision Interaction Daemon

Hi everyone,

We are glad to announce the birth of the Movid project:

Movid is an acronym; it stands for ‘Modular Open Vision Interaction Daemon’. It’s a cross-platform and Open Source vision tracker, designed to be as modular as possible. Although the project is pretty young, it already features more than 20 modules, including blob and fiducial trackers as well as TUIO output. Movid is coded in C++, and use WOscLIB, cJSON, libevent, libfidtrack, jpeg-8 and XgetOpt.